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Quilt & Pillow Cleaning & Top-Up

Our services

We take the feather and down out of your quilt, steam clean and re-sanitise the contents to "Brand New" condition. During this process, the filling is removed, treated for dust mites, mould and bacteria with our special 'Eucalyptus' solution - Safe for allergy and asthma sufferers. The casing is treated and washed separately. This process will assist in keeping dust mites and mould under control.
          We also rejuvenate Down & Feather pillows, steam cleaning the filling, add a Top-Up back to weight, and a new casing.

Top Up For Extra Warmth - Or To Fill Empty Squares
While we are rejuvenating your quilt, we blend a top up of new feather and down through your quilt or pillow for extra loft and warmth.

Custom Made Quilts
Quilts can be manufactured and structured to suit you and your partners needs, catering for those who get too hot or too cold. Ask about our Marriage Saver.

Re-Case - Empty Sections
You love your old quilt or pillow but it's looking a bit sad, has lost some of its filling or has a few holes in the wrong places. At the Quilt & Pillow Factory we can re-case your old quilt. Yes! All quilts and pillows steam cleaned, put into new casings and topped up with the new feather and down so they look and feel like brand new.

Wash And Loft
Our Wash and Loft process is suitable for most types of quilts, pillows, sleeping bags, blankets, mattress protectors and underlays. This involves soaking in a biodegradable, natural solution, thorough washing and lofting to bring back the loft and fluffiness. We recommend that this is done annually, especially over the Spring and Summer months for Winter quilts going into storage.

* Prices may change without notice. 


Feather and Down                                              
Single                 $105                                                                       

Double/Queen    $135.00                                                           

King                     $145.00                                                               

Super King          $185.00                                                              
Rejuvenation with Double Top-Up                                       

Single                  $165.00                                                       

Double                 $195.00                                                             

Queen                  $195.00                                                               

 King                     $205.00 

Super King            $245.00                      

Additional Top Ups $70          
Rejuvenation with Re-Case Quilts


Cot                       $135.00     
Single                   $185.00                                                              

Double                  $235.00                                                     

Queen                  $245.00                                                               

King                      $255.00                                                         

  Super King          $300.00                                                               
Rejuvenation with Re-Case and Double Top-Up           
Single                    $219.00                                                       
Double                   $250.00                                                                  
Queen                   $315.00                                                                      
King                       $315.00                                                                         
Super King            $360.00   

 Wash & Loft - Quilts

 Feather/Down, Wool

Single                   $60               

Double                  $80

Queen                  $80

King                      $85

Super King            $90


 Wash & Loft - Quilts


Single                  $55

Double/Queen    $75

King                    $85

Super King          $90


Wash and Loft

Sleeping Bags - Feather and Down


                        - Mont/Macpac


                        - Poly



Down Jackets    $55


Pillows (Including New Casing)
Feather              $55.00
Down/Feather    $75.00
Goose Down      $90.00

Hotel and Physio $95.00




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